sap testing online training | specto

sap testing online training | specto

SAP is the heartbeat of the global economy. SAP R/3 is an ERP software package implementation designed to coordinate all the key elements required to complete the business process. SAP designed into different functional modules covering the typical functions of an organization.
The most widely used functional modules are:
  • Sales and Distribution.
  • Finance and Controls.
  • Material Management.
  • Production Planning.
  • Plant maintenance.
  • Human Resource.

Overview of Testing

  • Definition
  • Importance of Testing

Concepts of Testing

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
  • Defect Management Life Cycle/ Bug Life Cycle

Types of Testing

  • Different types of testing

  • Ex: Black Box Testing, White Box Testing etc.

Manual Testing and Automation

  • Definition
  • Automation Tools
  • Difference between Manual & Automation

Test Management Tool

  • Definition
  • Different types of Test Management tools
  • Introduction to Quality Center(QC)
  • Requirements
  • Test Plan
  • Test Lab
  • Defect Reporting

Brief Overview about ERP

  • Definition of ERP
  • Various types of ERP
  • Difference between ERP Testing and
  • Other Application Testing

Overview of SAP

  • Definition of SAP
  • Architecture of SAP
  • System Landscape
  • Different modules in SAP
  • Difference between R/3 and EP

(SAP) ASAP Methodology

  • Project Preparation
  • Business Blue Print
  • Realization
  • Final Preparation
  • Go Live & Support

Types of Projects

  • Implementation Project
  • Support Project
  • Rollout Project
  • Upgrade Project

SAP Modules

  • Human Resource Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Material Management
  • Finance Management (FI /CO)

SAP Testing Types

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • UAT

Sales & Distribution (SD)

  • Sales
  • Delivery
  • Billing

Material Management (MM)

  • Purchasing cycle for materials

SAP Modules Introduction:


  • Personnel Administration
  • Organizational Management
  • Benefits
  • Time Management
  • Payroll
  • ESS
  • MSS

SAP Navigations

  • Functions
  • Buttons
  • Screens

Test Case Development

  • Test Case Development
  • Individual Process
  • Integrated Business
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SAP Variant Configuration Online Training | specto

SAP Variant Configuration Online Training | specto

SAP Variant Configuration Online Training Course Details

Unit 1: SAP Variant Configuration Overview
What is SAP Variant Configuration
Why Variant Configuration Required
Advantages of Variant Configuration
VC Model and Master Data
Implementation Requirements
Variant Configuration Integration
Return on Investment (ROI)
Challenges in Variant Configuration
Process with Variant Configuration
Configuration Workgroup
VC Demo
Unit 2: VC Configuration and Master Data Settings
Characteristic Group
Dependency Groups
Defining a Material as Configurable
Configuration Profile
Super BOM
Super Routing
Unit 3: Characteristics
Creating Characteristics
Naming Conventions
Entering Basic Data, Values, Additional Data
Allowed Changes to Characteristics
Characteristics Dependency Assignments
Reference Characteristics
Reporting Functions for Characteristics and Where used List
Changing, and Displaying Characteristics
Unit 4: Class and Classification
Class Types and Overview
Create Class
Assign Characteristics to the Class
Assign Dependencies to the Class
Object Dependencies in Classification
Finding Objects
Reporting to the Class and Classification
Changing/Deleting Classes and Classification
Unit 5: Variant Functions
Create Variant Function
Function Call
Procedure using Variant Function
Changing/Deleting Variant Function
Unit 6: Variant Tables
Creating Variant Table Structure
Link to Data Base Tables
Maintaining Table Entries
Tables used in Preconditions
Tables used in Selection Conditions
Tables used in Procedure
Tables used in Constraints
Changing/Deleting Variant Tables
Unit 7: Dependencies
Dependency Overview and Types
Creating Dependencies
Selection Conditions
Dependency Syntax
Dependency Assignments
Where Used List and Reporting
Changing/Deleting Dependencies
Unit 8: Configuration Profile and Interface Design
Creating Configuration Profile
Process Overview
Order BOM
Interface Design
Changing/Deleting Configuration Profile
Possible Combinations of Configuration Profiles
Unit 9: Super BOM
Creating Super BOM
Class Items as BOM Components
Procedure in Super BOM
Assigning Selection Conditions to the Super BOM
Classification (200 and 201)
Variant Tables for BOM Components
Reference Characteristics in Super BOM
Changing/Deleting Super BOM
Unit 10: Super Routing
Creating Super Routing
Routing Operations
Procedure in Super Routing
Assigning Selection Conditions to the Routing Operations
Variant Tables for Routing Operations Times
Reference Characteristics in Super Routing
Changing/Deleting Super Routing
Unit 11: Variant Pricing
Variant Conditions Overview
Variant Conditions Creation
Variant Conditions using Tables
Call Variant Conditions through Procedure
Unit 12: VC Landscape and Master Data Change Process
Variant Configuration System Landscape
VC Roles
VC Master Data Change Process
ALE Settings
VC Master Data Approval Process
Unit 13: VC Implementation Methodology
VC Blue Print and Workshops
MTO and MTS with Variant Configuration
VC Master Data Scope
VC Master Design Sheets
Upload and Validation
VC Training and Documentation
Go-Live, Hypercare  and Support
Unit 14: VC with SAP Hybris CPQ, IPC, WEB UI Overview
VC with SAP Hybris
VC Models with SAP Fiori UI

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sap srm online training | specto

sap srm online training | specto

SAP SRM Online Training Course Content
* About SRM
* EBP Process
* Overview on MM
* Roles in Enterprise Buyer
* EBP Scenarios – Different types
* Roles in EBP Business Scenario
* SRM System Architecture
* RFC Destinations
* ALE Distribution Model
* Back End System Definition
* Define Back End for Product Category
* Set Control Parameters
* Defining Logical and Assigning Logical systems to client in SAP R/3 and SRM
* RFC Destinations in SAP R/3 and SRM
* Cross Application Basic Settings
* Creation of Organisation Structure in SAP R/3 and SRM
* Attributes Creation for the Creation of Shopping Cart
* Report Running for Transferring all plants plants from the Backend System
* User Generation in SRM, Generate User and Employee Data, Check User and Employee Data
* Creation of Vendor Organisation Structure
* Transfer Vendor Master Records
* Change and Updating in Vendor Master Records
* Functional scope of the CRM Middleware in the Enterprise Buyer system.
* CRM Middleware Settings in SAP R/3 and SRM.
* Setting Filters in SRM for Material Group, Unit of Measure, Material type etc..
* Replicate master data from the SAP back end system using the CRM
* Middleware.Maintain Categories and Hierarchies
* Product Maintenance
* Shopping Cart
* Purchase Requisition
* Purchase Order
* Goods Receipt
* Invoice
* Subsequent Credit, Subsequent Debit
* Credit Memo
* Customize Settings for Work flow
* Maintain Standard Settings for SAP Business Work flow
* Approval Options
* Shopping Cart Approvals
* Customize Settings for Extended Classic Scenario
* Overview
* Business Flow in Plan Driven Procurement
* Plan Driven Procurement with Plant Maintenance
* Plan Driven Procurement with Supplier Integration
* Overview on Supplier Self Service – SUS
* Overview on Service Procurement
* Introduction to CCM
* Types of Catalogs
* Customize Settings for CCM
* Open Catalog Interface (OCI)
* Open Partner Interface (OPI)
* Sourcing and Bidding Engine Overview
sap isu fica online training live classes | spectotraining

sap isu fica online training live classes | spectotraining

SAP ISU FICA Online Training

SAP ISU FICA Online Training Course Details

Unit1: Basics
  • Concept and special functions in FI-CA
  • Event Technology
  • Parallel Mass Processes in FI-CA
  • Master Data Objects in FI-CA
Unit 2: Documents
  • Lifecycle of Documents
  • Document Structures
  • Posting Documents
  • Integration with General Ledger Accounting
  • Account Balance Display
Unit 3: Transactions and Account Determination
  • Structure of Transactions
  • Transactions in IS-U
  • General Ledger Account Determination
  • Tax Determination in IS-U
Unit 4: Incoming Payments
  • Processing Incoming and Outgoing Payments
  • Payment Lots and Check lot
  • Clarification Processing
  • Cash Desk/Cash Journal
Unit 5: Payment Run
  • Prerequisites of Payment Settlement
  • Payment program
  • Payment Cards
Unit 6:Returns Processing
  • Configuration of Returns
  • Processing of Returns
Unit 7: Clearing Control
  • Terminology and Definitions
  • Configurations of Clearing Strategy
Unit 8: Dunning and Collections
  • Dunning –Terminology
  • Configuration and Execution of Dunning Run
  • Submission to External Collection
Unit 9: Interest Calculations
  • Calculation of Interest on Items
  • Interest Keys and Calculation Rules
  • Processing of Interest Calculation
Unit 10: Deferral/Installment Plan
  • Deferral:Definition and Processing
  • Installment Plan: Definition and Processing
Unit 11: Other Business Transactions
  • Account Maintenance
  • Reversing Documents and Resetting Clearing
  • Document Transfer
  • Mark as Doubtful/Individual Value Adjustment
  • Write Off
Unit 12: Security Deposits
  • Cash and Non-Cash Security Deposit
  • Request ,Payment and Settlement of Cash Security Deposit
Unit 13: Correspondence
  • Definition and Types
  • The Print Workbench
learn best sap fico live training classes in usa-hyderabad-uk-vijayawada |specto training

learn best sap fico live training classes in usa-hyderabad-uk-vijayawada |specto training

SAP FICO Online Training

SAP FI (Financial Accounting) Online Training Course Details

SAP FI Online Training Course Content

Introduction to SAP R/3

1. Introduction to ERP, Advantages of SAP over other ERP Packages
2. Introduction to SAP R/3 FICO

Financial Accounting Basic Settings:

1. Creation and assignment of company and company code
2. Creation of business area
3. Defining and assignment of fiscal year variant
4. Defining and assignment of posting period variant
5. Defining open and closing posting periods
6. Defining document type & number ranges
7. Maintenance and assignment of field status variants
8. Defining and assignment of tolerance groups of employees
9. Taxes on Sales & Purchases (input & output)
10. Creation of chart of Accounts
11. Defining Accounts Groups
12. Defining Retained Earnings Account.
13. Defining tolerance groups for G/I accounts

General Ledger Accounting:
1. Creation of General Ledger Master (with and with out reference)
2. Display/Change/Block/Unblock of general ledger master
3. Document Entry posting normal postings posting with reference
4. Display and change of documents
5. Display of GL balances and Line items
6. Parked documents & hold documents
7. Creation of Sample Document and posting
8. Defining recurring entry document and posting
9. Creation of account assignment model and posting
10. Configuration of line layouts for display of GL line items
11. Reversal of individual documents, mass reversal , reversal of cleared items and reversal of accrual and
deferral documents
12. Defining Exchange Rate types and Translation ratios
13. Define Exchange rates & posting of foreign currency transactions
14. Interest calculations on term loans

Accounts Payable
1. Creation of vendor account groups and assignment of number ranges
2. Creation of tolerance group for venders
3. Creation of vendor master (display/change/block/unblock of vender master)
4. Posting of vendor transactions (invoice posting, payment posting, credit memo)
5. Settings for advance payments to parties (down payment) and clearing of down payment against invoices
(special GL transactions)
6. Posting of partial Payment & Residual Payment
7. Creation of payment terms,
8. Creation of house banks and account ids.
9. Creation of check lots and maintenance of check register
10. Configuration of automatic payment program
11. Payment to vendors through APP
12. Un-issued & issued checks cancellation and reversal of issued checks.
13. Defining correspondence & party statement of accounts

Accounts receivable:

1. Creation of customer account groups and assignment of number ranges
2. Creation of tolerance group for customers
3. Creation of customer master (display/change/block/unblock of vender master)
4. Posting of customer transactions (sales invoice posting, payment posting, debit memo)
5. Settings for advance payment from parties (down payment)
6. Configuration of settings for dunning
7. Defining correspondence & party statement of accounts

Asset Accounting

Defining chart of depreciation
Defining account determination, screen layout, number ranges and asset classes.
Integration with General Ledger & Posting rules
Creation of asset master and sub asset master (change/display/block/unblock)
Defining Depreciation key (base, declining, multilevel, period control methods)
Acquisition or purchase of assets, sale of assets
Scrapping of assets, Transfer of assets
Post Capitalization and write up
Depreciation run
Line Settle of assets under construction of capital work in progress


Financial statement version
General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Assets Reports

sap grc v 10.0 live training classes in usa-uk | specto training

sap grc v 10.0 live training classes in usa-uk | specto training

SAP GRC V 10.0 Online Training Details

Specto Training offers SAP grc Online Training. Our SAP grc trainers are Highly talented and have Excellent Teaching skills. They are well experienced trainers in their relative field. Our online training is one of the Best online training in India For any technology. All our students were happy With our online training and able to find Jobs quickly in USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Europe. online training is your one stop & Best solution to learn SAP grc at your home with flexible Timings.

  • .Introduction to SAP Access Control 10.0
  • .Access Control 10.0 Overview
  • .Key Features and Benefits
  • .Transporting Objects
  • .User Interface Overview
  • ..Managing Compliance with Access Control 10.0
  • .Segregation of Duties Risk Management Process
  • .Information Architecture, Security, and Authorization
Access Risk Analysis
  • .Emergency Access Management
  • .Emergency Access Management Overview
  • .Centralized Firefighting
  • .Plan for Emergency Access
  • .Monitor Emergency Access
Business Role Management
  • .Design and Manage Roles
  • .Configure Role Management
  • .Configure Role Methodology
  • .Plan for Technical Role Definition
  • .Plan for Business Role Definition
  • .Consolidate Roles through Role Mining
  • .Mass Manage Roles
Access Request Management
  • .Provision and Manage Users
  • .Plan for User Access
  • .Define User Provisioning
  • .Design End User Personalization Forms
  • .Request Approval
  • .Periodic Access Review Process
  • .Plan Periodic Review
  • .Review Access Risk (Sod Review)
  • .Monitor User Access
  • .Monitor Role Access
  • .Business Rule Framework (BRF)
  • .Define workflow related Multi-Stage Multi-Path Workflow Rules
  • .Define business rules using the BRF Workbench.
Reporting Framework
  • .Reporting
  • .Reporting Framework
  • .Change Existing Reports
  • Miscellaneous
  • .Add Custom Fields to Access Requests and Roles
  • .Access Control Implementation Process
  • .Implementation Process Overview
  • .Designing the Access Control Solution…
best sap ehs online training classes in usa-australia | specto training

best sap ehs online training classes in usa-australia | specto training

SAP EHS Online Training

SAP  Environment Health Safety Online Training Course Details

SAP EHS Online Training Course Content
  • 1. Industrial Hygiene and Safety – II
  • 2. Waste Management – I
  • 3. Waste Management – II
  • 4. Occupational Health – I
  • 5. Occupational Health – II
  • 6. Classification System
  • 7. Reporting System – I
  • 8. Reporting System – II
  • 9. Basic Workflow
  • 10. Legacy System Data Migration
  • 11. Roles And Profile Definition
  • 12. Organization Structure
  • 13. Integration With PP and QM
sap mdg online education classes in usa-india | specto training

sap mdg online education classes in usa-india | specto training

SAP MDG Online Training

SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) Online Training Course Content

SAP MDG Introduction& Out-Of-Box features.
  • Data Modeling
  • Entity type
  • Attributes
  • Entity Relationship types
  • Extending data Model
  • Data model specific structures.
  • Extend Mappings (SMT)
  • Process Modeling
  • Change request Types
  • Change request status
  • Business Activity
  • Activate Type Linkage
UI Modeling
  • Floor plan Manger (FPM) Basics
  • Linking FPM with MDG
  • UI per workflow step
  • Configuring the UI as per user defined criteria
  • BADIs for UI modeling
  • Search and Duplicate Check ( This is only theory. As it includes from
    version 7.0 onwards)
  • Configuring Search with TREX
  •  ESH Cockpit.
  • Duplicate check configuration.
Validations and Derivations
  • BRF+ Validations and Derivations
  • Validations and Derivations using ABAP BADI
  • Cross entity derivation using ABAP BADI
Data Replication
  • Data replication Framework (DRF)
  • Manual & Automatic.
Enriching MDG Standard Code or Features to User Requirement
  • Badi Implementation
  • Linking change request UIs to NWBC
  • Creating new roles for MDG
Workflow Modeling
  • Rule based work flow (RBWF)
  • Create change requests, step types, actions and link to RBWF
  • Linking rule based workflow to MDG